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IV Tydzień 6-04 do 8-04

Poniedziałek 6-04

Klasa VII

  • Zrobić wszystkie zadania jak klasy IV-VI (łącznie z kartką świąteczną- do oceny).
  • Przetłumaczyć tekst na język polski w zeszycie ( do oceny).
  • Dla chętnych-napisać o Wielkanocy w Polsce po angielsku (do oceny).

Easter in Great Britain and in the USA

Easter is celebrated by the Christians all over the world. In this way the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is commemorated.

The Easter weekend falls in late March or in April, but the exact date depends on the first spring full moon. Ester is celebrated in Great Britain and in the USA as well as in Poland, but a lot of traditions and customs are different.

In Great Britain people give each other big chocolate eggs. Eggs are empty inside so the British put inside some sweets and on Easter Sunday morning give it to the beloved person. The eggs stuffed are also available, but it is nicer to give your boyfriend or girlfriend the one made alone.

There is also another British custom. On Easter Thursday the British Queen visits Westminster Abbey or any other cathedral to give the poorest people some money. The number of people who will be given the money means always the exact age of the Queen! The tradition is called Maundy Day.

In the USA, on the other hand, people exchange coloured and chocolate eggs. They also send cards to friends and the family. Chocolate eggs are hidden in the different places at home by adults and the children search them. They believe that Easter Bunny bring the presents for them! When all eggs are found, children can eat them as a prize. This tradition is also cultivated in the White House and it is named Easter Egg Hunt.

On Easter Monday in many cities in the United States parades with games and sports take place. It is a very funny day.

There is also a kind of custom that at Easter thousands of women wear special hats. In this way they want to show how beautiful they are. The more expensive and fabulous hats are, the more beautiful the women look. That day every lady is wearing a hat called Easter Bonnet. There is also the most famous parade in New York connected with the tradition of wearing hats.

Also Easter Egg Rolling Contest takes place in New York and in Washington D.C. In Central Park eggs are rolled with wooden spoons by children. The one who breaks the egg loses.

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