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V Tydzień 15-04 do 17-04

Klasa VI:

Temat: In the future.

  • Przeczytać dialog, podręcznik, str.80.
  • Można posłuchać nagrania z płyty, ćwicz. 1, str. 80.
  • Przepisać do zeszytu Phrase Book, str. 80.

prediction- prognoza, przewidywanie, przepowiednia

  • Ćwicz. 2, str. 80 (podręcznik).
  • Ćwicz. 1, 2, 3, str. 60 (zeszyt ćwiczeń).
  • Short test 6b w załączniku- do oceny!
  • Ćwiczenia do skopiowania lub przepisania do zeszytu- do oceny!

Uzupełnij zdania formami czasu Future Simple:

  • I’d prefer to stay at home tonight but I’m afraid my husband not/agree.
  • She thinks her brother never/forgive her for lying to him.
  • I’m sorry that I hurt you. It not/happen
  • your sister/bring me my book tomorrow? I’d like to read it at last.
  • Why he/not/tell her about his feelings and ask her to marry him?
  • I haven’t got any time to go to the post office so you/send this letter for me, please?
  • I’m sure that Jane get this job and she  start it next week.
  • What would you like to eat? I have fish and chips, please.
  • Don’t call me tonight because I not/be
  • I not/pretend that I don’t mind her silly remarks and I  speak to her about it.
  • I promise I ring you tomorrow morning.
  • She is in Warsaw now but tomorrow she be in Berlin.
  • I think it rain in the evening so we’d better take our umbrellas.
  • Kate is sure she fail her geography exam.
  • Take that book. You read it more than me.
  • Would you like tea or coffee? I have coffee, please.
  • I’m very tired. I get a taxi.
  • We give you the money back next week, ok?
  • It’s cold in here. I close the window.
  • I don’t think he complete that course next month.

Short Test 6b. klasa VI

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