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V Tydzień 15-04 do 17-04

Klasa VII:

Temat: Skills checkpoints 6.

  • Podręcznik, ćwicz. A, B, C, D, str. 100.

Nagrania do ćwicz. A, B, C:

TRACK 6.7  CD2, ścieżka 16

OK, now listen everyone. We are arriving in London at 9 a.m. and first we are going to visit the National Gallery. That will take us about 2 hours, so at about 11 o’clock or maybe 11.30 we will walk to Buckingham Palace through the park. We will arrive there at around quarter to twelve, so we should see the Changing of the Guard in front of the palace. Next, we will go to Oxford Street, where you will have some free time. We will meet again at 3 p.m. at Oxford Circus, so please be on time. Remember to keep your mobiles switched on at all times so we can contact you if we need to. You all have my number, so if you get lost, call me and we will find you. Please be very careful crossing the road and if you take a bus, remember you have to buy a ticket with your bank card. And don’t go too far from Oxford Street; London is a very big place. OK, any questions?

TRACK 6.8  CD2, ścieżka 17

Ben: Hi uncle Bart. We’re at the station, can you tell me how to get to your new house?

Uncle: Hi, Ben. OK, so go straight on past the station and then turn third, no second right. Then turn right again at the traffic lights …

Ben: I’m sorry. I didn’t understand. Did you say turn left?

Uncle: No, turn right. Then at the roundabout, turn left and keep going for 300 metres.

Ben: So go straight on for 300 metres?

Uncle: Yes, that’s right. After that go past the petrol station and the shop next to it, and our new house will be on your right.

Ben: Is your house next to the shop?

Uncle: No, keep going a little further. I’ll wait outside for you so you know where we are.

Ben: OK, thanks uncle Bart. See you soon

TRACK 6.9  CD2, ścieżka 18

1 Where is the library exactly?

2 Do you remember about our trip to the mountains this weekend?

3 Could I have New Music magazine, please?

4 How long do you go jogging for?

  • Podręcznik, ćwicz. E, str. 101.
  • Ćwicz. F- dla chętnych.
  • Zeszyt ćwiczeń, ćwicz. A, B, C, D, E, str. 74, 75.
  • Short testy do unitu 6 w załączniku, do oceny!

Short test 6 buildings klasa VII. docx

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